Mar 28, 2010


The green grass turns to gold
And the sunlight gives up its sharp rays
To transform into soft twilight.
The shadows deepen
And give way to the tranquil colors of night.
Across the distant mountains
A single thread of golden sunlight
Shines one final goodbye
Before it sinks behind the hill.
And then
The sun's light is gone.
In a few hours
The moon will rise
White and glorious against the dark sky.
And after the moon's work is done
The sun will come back again
Shining brighter than before.

(c) 2005 Erica M. Holle. Published in 'Twilight Musings' book and the International Library of Poetry, 2005.


Reese said...

I really like this one! When did you write it?

Anonymous said...

I wrote it in 2005, when I was in high school.

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